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Examples of big data analytics advantages in healthcare system in 2021

22.09.2020 Saudi Poster

As you can clearly see, big data has been on its way of revolutionizing the ways by which people control, make analysis as well as leverage data regardless of any field. Among those industries, the one that big data has made a big renovation is healthcare industry. In general, big data can help healthcare industry reduce the treatment price, predict the potential diseases, prevent serious diseases as well as advance the life quality for all people. A person lifespan can be increased more and more in the future but this is also a new difficulty for those working in healthcare industry. Health experts, now like business managers, are able to gather very huge amounts of data to find out more effective methods in treating patients. This article is going to present the applications of big data in healthcare industry with examples.

1. About big data in healthcare industry

Big data has brought about a lot of positive results to save the life of many people. Big data is the term relating to very huge amounts of information generated by digitizing everything and then analyzing it by using many technologies. When it comes to healthcare system, big data analytics will make use of certain health data of patients to help them avoid diseases as well as treat them while reducing the costs.

Today, people tend to live longer because the healthcare system has been improved a lot compared to the past. Doctors are able to understand their patients better in order to provide warnings on time for them to be clear about their health. For healthcare, it is better to treat diseases as early as possible. Thanks to big data analytics, prevention is much easier than before. Of course, it is always better than cure.

In fact, for such a long time, collecting huge amounts of data for being used in medical fields has been very expensive and time – wasting. On the contrary, today, thanks to the improvement of technologies, the case is becoming less difficult. Moreover, changing it into needed insights is faster so that doctors can find it easier to offer their patients better care.

2. What are the barriers of big data in healthcare industry?

One of the most difficult obstacles in making use of big data in healthcare system is by what ways medical data can be spread across a lot of sources such as different countries, hospitals and so on. To integrate all of these data sources means to create an innovative structure in which data vendors can cooperate together.

Other important steps include developing new online reporting software as well as business intelligence strategy. Healthcare is also in need of keeping up with other industries which have already made a movement towards future technologies such as machine learning or predictive analytics. It is always a necessity to take technologies into consideration. The article below is going to make you clearer about how big data analytics is revolutionizing healthcare industry.

3. Predicting patients’ situations to get more value in treatment

First and foremost, you can easily that the first issue in healthcare system is staff. Hospitals or clinics’ managers often find it so difficult to have staff in available when it comes to emergent cases. However, if they employ too many employees, they will have to spend a lot of money and that is a waste. On the contrary, if there is a lack of workers, the service may not be satisfactory and patients may not choose that hospital.

In this case, big data can help a lot. Currently, a lot of data from numerous sources is being used so that doctors are able to predict the health problems easily and even they can know how many patients are going to be at hospitals.

Also, data specialists also make analysis to predict the admission rates. They can take advantage of machine learning to find the algorithms with the high level of accuracy to predict the admission trends.

To conclude, with big data analytics, doctors can have the ability to predict the possible health problems for their patients so that they can provide them with better quality in health treatment. In addition, hospital administration can find it more effective to forecast the admission rates. As a result, they can customize the number of staff suitably and patients will not have to wait for so long at hospitals when there is no staff to serve them. This can increase the efficiency for hospitals and clinics.

4. EHRs (Stand for Electronic Health Records)

Electronic Health Records is considered to be the most popular application of big data in healthcare industry. As you may know, each patient has their own digital record including allergy information, blood types and so on. These records can be shared through safe information sources and come with one changeable file. As a result, doctors are able to change them regularly without the need of paper work.

What is more, Electronic Health Records are also effective when it comes to reminding a patient if he or she should get a new test or a new prescription due to their status so that patients can follow doctors’ suggestions quickly.

As having mentioned above, Electronic Health Records are wonderful, a lot of countries are still finding it difficult to make use of these records. For instance, the United States has over 90 percent of hospitals making use of EHRs while the EU still falls behind. In the future, people expect to see this kind of technological record turn up at every hospital and clinic.

In conclusion, healthcare industry has been benefitted a lot from big data analytics. One of the most precise result we can see is the reduction of office visits as well as laboratory tests. Healthcare will no longer be such a boring and complicated task as many people still suppose. It is hopeful that we can see a lot more development in the upcoming time.

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Examples of big data analytics advantages in healthcare system in 2021