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The most effective data analytics tools in 2021

22.09.2020 Saudi Poster

In the stage of digitalization, you can find it less difficult to have approach to data that helps increase the business performance. Through collecting the right information, people can end up with better results, better decisions and are able to catch the business trends in order to develop the operations of their companies.

There is one big problem today: how to gather and process the big amount of data in a shorter time. In order to speed up the process, people should make use of the data analytics programs. These methods will take advantage of artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms in order to turn unstructured data into usable insights with only a few clicks.

Nevertheless, there are still a lot of issues that should be taken into consideration when it comes to seeking for the best analytics tool in every business. Carrying out a whole research to find out the best data analytics tool with the best performance is not easy at all. In order to help you in this step, the article below is going to introduce some leading tools on the current market that you can use to assess a wide variety of tools. As a result, you can know what you should go ahead for.

As you may know, dealing with very huge amounts of data is a big challenge and this becomes more and more difficult when the amount of data increases. What is more, there will be a need for a balancing system to help cope with the growth of data. Therefore, people may demand on a tool integrated with the right technology that can support their data analytics tasks.

In order to make sure implementing effectively, one of the first thing to do is to opt for the best data analytics software. At the first step, it is better for you to take a look at the leading products so that you can know what you should choose.

1. Sisense

Standing on the top 1 of the list, Sisense is a very fast data analytics tool which is able to deliver analytics results to both data analysts and other business users. Thanks to Sisense, the business data analytics process is simpler, even the non-professional users can take advantage of the tool as well as its features. With Sisense, all users are able to extract the usable insights immediately while there is no need for difficult coding. There are a lot of benefits provided by this tool such as customized dashboards, interactive visualizations and so on. Choosing Sisense as the major tool for your business means that you will be able to exploit and filter data in a matter of a few seconds then you can get what you want. Last but not least, Sisense also offers some improved analytics via Business Intelligence reporting as well as predictive analytics.

2. Looker

Looker is the name of a data analytics platform which will let users to send their complicated requirements by taking advantage of common business terms. After that, the tool will send data directly to the apps utilized by your IT team.

It means that the platform will collect and then extract data from a lot of different sources. The data extracted will be loaded into an SQL database. Looker is a solution based on browser so that data can be accessed quickly in your current systems as well as shared conveniently among users in the team. There are three reasons why you should go for Looker. First of all, the data is accessible as the app will not lock your data inside the tool. Thus, you are able to have approach via such systems as Slack and Salesforce. Secondly, anyone in the team is able to schedule the data delivery to email, FTP and so on. Last but not least, Looker will provide you with web integration under a mobile design to be embedded with SSO and a full RESTful API.

3. Zoho Analytics

Another leading tool in this article is the business data analytics platform named Zoho Analytics, which deals with various components such as KPI widgets, pivot tables and so on. Thus, this tool is able to create reports with very helpful results. Moreover, this system also fosters the collaborative review as well as analysis for users to deal with their partners easily when it comes to reporting or making decisions. Another highlighted point of this tool is that users are able to embed any report or dashboard within their websites and applications. But you are also advised to check the product clearly to see if this is an ideal choice for your company. Zoho Analytics also provides customers with opportunities to test drive its features without having to pay anything. There are three reasons why you should go for Zoho Analytics. The first one is insightful reports. More precisely, it takes advantage of a lot of different components which let users create useful reports utilized to make decisions. The next advantage is its safe system. Zoho Analytics also utilized the finest security methods such as encrypted connections. The last benefit is collaboration promoted by Zoho Analytics for users to be able to develop reports and make decisions together conveniently.

4. Yellowfin

Yellowfin is the name of a BI tool designed to assist organizations in making the most out of data. Coming with very valuable analytics features as well as machine learning abilities, this solution is an ideal choice for companies to get usable insights. To be more specific, Yellowfin lets users receive predictive data taken advantage by companies to make more effective decisions. What is more, Yellowfin can be accessed through both desktop and mobile devices. This solution is also designed with a web API for being integrated with a lot of different business systems. Users are able to extend the functions easily according to their business demands. Last but not least, users are provided with a free trial from Yellowfin to test the product without having to pay.

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The most effective data analytics tools in 2021