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A specific article about cloud technology trends in 2021

04.11.2020 Saudi Poster

It is undeniable that cloud computing technology has increased so fast with so many new trends and technologies appearing on a daily basis. Last year, it was predicted that the strongest momentum would be continuously maintained by Kubernetes and serverless technology. Another prediction was the biggest three cloud providers would keep on dominating the cloud market.

These predictions are rather true in this year. Nevertheless, serverless aspects are still turning up in many conversations but it is not deployed much. In 2019, we do not look forward to seeing either serverless or Kubernetes develop more yet they would keep on evolving as adoption and companies will seek for more methods to take advantage of more modern ways of working.

According to a cloud report of Forrester in 2019, this year will witness more cloud adoption in order to strengthen digital transformation processes. Under the perspective of analyst, cloud computing will be the most effective way to turn IT ideas to useful software in this year.

What is more, the international cloud computing market is expected to reach over 200 billion dollars in this year, which is calculated to be more than the last year by 20 percent. The information below is a specific view of how cloud would be changed in 2019.

1. Service mesh will be increased more

Due to the introduction of Amazon Web Services’ App Mesh as well as the open source Istio from Google, last year we were witnessed the release of the service mesh. This technology is expected to develop more due to the fact that companies are now looking for methods to control the complication and the fluctuating traffic flow, have approach to policy enforcement as well as connect telemetry data through micro services into a common management location.

According to the director from NGINX, when it comes to companies with large scale, intricate apps, a service mesh is considered to be an effective method. However, there is still a lot of renovation and even myth for this technology.

It is also claimed that time will deliver the answer to the question how the technology would improve in the future while there are a lot of opportunities for innovation. Maybe in the future, the technology will be the major part for all runtime platforms.

Also, it is guessed that there will be new approaches which are more effective than just developing proxy patterns. These solutions will provide users with more efficient performance while there is a need for lower resource usage. At this time, we still do not know how the technology would stabilize in the future as well as which company will be on top of the service vendors.

2. About application networks

Forrester has mentioned the term ‘integrated enterprise application network’ long time ago; however, until now do the providers start to apply the idea into reality.

Such app leaders as SalesForce, Workday, SAP and Oracle are creating their own platforms to make use of new development tools as well as deployment options. Their major aim is to enter some specific industries which are their target to improve the adoption process. Software as a Service has become the development bases which are expected to get outstanding results in this year.

According to the director of product marketing and solutions at the Software as a Service provider named Twilio, application forms will become a relatively new method for developers to take advantage and personalize their enterprise software.

Such app platforms as Software as a Service app will be used similarly as a solution based on premises. In the past, when they utilized Software as a Service, they were not able to customize to adapt to their business requirements. Thanks to these application platforms, developers can receive benefits from the low price of cloud but with a high scalability.

3. Serverless momentum

At an event organized by Amazon Web Services last year, we were talked about serverless computing technology as well as the number of methods for developers to adopt this new idea.

One of the methods is Firecracker, which is an open source virtual machine used to take control over micro virtual machines. Another one is Ruby used to support Lambada is Amazon Web Services tool kit designed for popular development environments.

In this year, what people focus much is the quality of developers. Thus, it is necessary to support the extra languages for Lambda, support Ruby as well as customize operating time to code in whatever language needed. Developers will have time to focus more than just controlling and providing infrastructure.

4. Google Cloud will make a big leap in 2019

Although it is still at the beginning of the year, the new CEO from Google Cloud has been interested in capturing chances to turn Google into a more competitive player in the global cloud marketing market.

Through making an investment into customer success, Google may lose its reputation for the engineers who are truly experts yet they will get more trust from clients who are in need of both consistency and reliability from their cloud providers.

Today, in the stage of technology development, clients are always in need of a different level of care and Google has always found methods to adapt to this. Thus, the resources were not allocated in a suitable location. However, now the resource has been available and they are here to see what would happen in the future.

In case marketing campaigns for Google have been carried out more effectively, customers can expect the big brand to maintain its recent momentum as well as get more from Amazon Web Services and Microsoft in terms of international market share. As a result, everything will be done more quickly in a right manner.

To sum up, under the perspective from the market, Google is expected to be able to concentrate on its artificial intelligence technology while Microsoft is concentrating on workload migration abilities and Amazon is for pushing Amazon Web Services in the public space.

Saudi Poster

A specific article about cloud technology trends in 2021