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Carrying out analyzing your data with valuable software

22.09.2020 Saudi Poster

1. IBM Cognos

If you are seeking for a method to help make business decisions faster by taking advantage of intelligent abilities, you can go for IBM Cognos. To be more specific, this solution will offer IT teams a new way for deployment in both cloud and on premises depending on the architecture that they are in need of. What is more, it is designed mainly for those whose need is to set up and configure dashboards. Among many features, the most prominent one is the function to serve personally that allows users to communicate and have approach to reports on mobile devices with or without the Internet connection. In terms of making analytics, IBM Cognos also provides you with a wide variety of solutions for making analysis from analyzing trends, reporting and so on.

In terms of why you had better opt for IBM Cognos, there are three aspects to think of. First of all, this is an integrated choice in which you can make critical analytics effectively and then collect insights from data for more visualization. This value is called smart self-service. Secondly, IBM Cognos offers a really robust automation. In order to develop productivity through out your companies, IBM Cognos tool makes use of intelligent technology in order to automate the analytics process as well as provide suggestions for predictions. Last but not least, with IBM Cognos, you do not need to deliver data when it is on cloud.

2. IBM Watsom

IBM Watson is another analytics solution used to streamline leveraging activities, to disrupt predicting processes and improve research thanks to artificial intelligence technology. What is more, this solution is based on the cloud and offers specific instructions to users when it comes to analyzing data. With IBM Watson, every user is able to predict a trend as well as visualize the report.

In conclusion, IBM Watson is so valuable regarding to these following aspects. Firstly, you can discover data smartly and quickly. With your own words, you are able to send a question in order to add or access the data you need so that you can collect valuable insights. Secondly, as you may be clear, there are a lot of forms of data analytics so this tool is so useful to support you in exploiting, predicting as well as assembling data for a more trusted result.


MATLAB is the name of a data analytics base made use by both engineers and IT workers in order to carry out big data analytics processes. With MATLAB, users will be able to have approach to their data from different sources as well as formats within a single area. MATLAB also allows you to make a good preparation for your data through automating such responsibilities as cleaning data, dealing with lost data or eliminating noise from data. Users will have the ability to predict the results by setting up models as well as integrate the solution into IT environments while there is no need for a customized infrastructure.

Apart from that, there are also other points that value MATLAB. This solution will provide you with a full statistics set for your machine learning. Also, you will also receive other methods such as system identification, financial modeling as well as optimization and so on. MATLAB also takes advantage of clouds, clusters and other systems of your companies. All of these features make a wonderful data analytics software for everyone.

4. Google Analytics

This is among the most famous and highly recommended solution for users to summarize data and use the insights in a lot of different techniques. Originally, this is a web analytics service mainly designed to keep track and report the website status. The freemium product is offered to analyze the poorly running pages through making use of so many tools. In addition, Google Analytics also offers users data which can be transferred into valuable data for entrepreneurs. Google Analytics is adopted by many users currently as it puts emphasis on one of the most vital issues of analyzing data, which is the expectation of many companies.

Finally, Google Analytics is worth choosing for three cases: gathering and managing data, activating data and analyzing data. Thanks to Google analytics, users will be offered a comprehensive view of their customers which can be personalized to meet the needs of your company. When you share the data, this process is also streamlined. Next, activating data is necessary to leverage marketing strategies. With data activation, users are able to discover new channels all around the world. Last but not least, both reporting and analysis tools are ready to assist users in filtering data depending on their own demands and requirements.

5. Apache Hadoop

The final option in this article is Apache Hadoop, which is a good choice for those seeking for an open source solution. Apache Hadoop is well- known for its services designed for accessing data, governing, securing and operating as well. There are a lot of use cases for a network including lots of computers as well as data sets located on computer servers set up to deal with different issues. Apache Hadoop is really suitable for large computing clusters. Thanks to its high scalability, users can store, solve and analyze data at very large scale.

To sum up, there are some main reasons for you to go for Apache Hadoop. The most prominent one is its reasonable price. As being an open source platform, Apache Hadoop will operate on a cheap commodity hardware so that users can find it more affordable to adopt this solution in comparison with other tools on the current market. Secondly, Apache Hadoop is so flexible as data can be saved regardless of any format. Even semi-structured and unstructured formats can be stored effectively. Last but not least, data specialists have the choice to go for their wanted tools because they can communicate with their data inside the platform by making use of batch or SQL.

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Carrying out analyzing your data with valuable software