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Cloud computing 2021, what is going to be on top?

22.09.2020 Saudi Poster

For a really long time, cloud computing has been developed to be the most effective and helpful technologies in managing big data as well as other tasks like deploying data or making decisions. According to Gartner, the cloud services market is going to be expanded up to 200 billion dollars in this year.

The most prominent advantage of cloud computing is that it has the ability to provide lots of service choices, price with flexibility and everything that an organization needs for their huge amount of data. Due to the increasing improvement of cloud computing, 2019 is about to welcome many new trends and applications for this giant technology.

1. Cloud Databases, Warehouses and Data Lakes: The world today is very different from how it was five years ago.

As you may have known, cloud data storage is regarded the core of the current economy as to some extent, it is able to deal with important issues related to data warehouses and Business Intelligence technology. Nowadays, there are a lot of slow methods which are so disproportionately so that it is rather difficult for businesses to have approach to data. Moreover, the traditional platforms resulted in a lack of reliability due to many attacks and data leakage. For this reason, people are migrating their data to a new architecture – cloud server in which everything is effectively balanced.

First and foremost, the scalability of cloud computing 2019 is really worth adopting as it is suitable for huge amount of data as well as the features of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. More than that, cloud computing 2019 will come with a huge change in data rapidity, which is the core benefit. More precisely, data can be accessed to other services in the cloud when it is located in the cloud. It is claimed that operating applications within the cloud can make the amount of data via the search interfaces. There are also other benefits which are really valuable and vital. According to an expert, having a cloud service to start with is one step for customers to keep up with the fast pace of innovation in which data minimization is among the primary requirements.

2. The Data Fabric Proposition

If you are an IT engineer, you must know that approach to data is the most important factor in deploying cloud as well as using cloud services. And this is even more necessary when the volume of data is now expanded more together with a wide variety of applications in a company. Users are now choosing to run their apps and data on hybrid clouds by making use of on premise deployments. Cloud computing 2019 is going to come with a new trend – Data Fabrics, which are turning out to be a method of unifying data. Data Fabrics can be accessed easily from the edge to the core of cloud. This kind of approach is very useful for businesses and organizations as it can make sure that users will find it easier to access data whether it is in the cloud or on premises.

This usefulness is getting more and more necessary nowadays, especially when it comes to international deployments. For businesses, it is not easy at all to maintain a whole organization in new countries so cloud is an indispensable part of entrepreneurs. Data fabrics are born to support both cloud computing and on – premises problems. In order to have access to a fabric, you should make sure that fabric should be regarded as a service instead of something you must install or keep on maintenance. The access to data fabrics includes end points within the clouds from public to private ones. In addition, it also contains settings related to on premises as well as end points at the cloud edges.

3. Layers of security and virtualization: The most important thing that needs to change

Both safety and risks related to data are still the most concerned factors when adopting cloud computing. People and organizations who are going to make use of cloud all think of this kind of problem. Of course, they tend to prefer cloud solutions with the reliability in security, especially businesses with sensitive information. The conventional version of cloud safety is having a lot of layers in which there are both perimeter and network. For instances, you have your hosts inside the network, and then the apps and everywhere that your data should be placed. Adopting cloud computing means taking cloud security into consideration and this step should be done first if you do not want to lose all of your business – your dream.

With cloud computing 2019, one of strategies that your company should do to make sure the updates of security layers is to take advantage of data virtualization. In the cloud areas, you should set up a virtual machine so that as you are in need of something more, you just have to set up another new virtual machine so that everything is fresh and updated. Depending on the data location, there are various demands that users need to know.

4. Breaches prevention: Always be an indispensable step to carry out

First and foremost, software defined perimeters play an important role in security mechanism as they are the main factors used to deal with the safety at the app layer. More precisely, this method is able to help businesses deploy perimeter security if they need so that they can control some certain services in terms of user access. Furthermore, some kinds of perimeters create very little tunnels between apps which are invisible. As a result, no one could know what is taking place in this. Thanks to this, the network and data of companies will be difficult to be attacked and hacked while data can be delivered if necessary. The purpose of doing this method is to limit the attack surfaces, which may then result in security breaches and many more serious problems.

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Cloud computing 2021, what is going to be on top?