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Cloud computing technology offerings

22.09.2020 Saudi Poster

Cloud computing is a model used to allow for the convenient and fast approach to a common pool of configurable computing resources such as networks, servers, apps, services and so on. This approach can be really quickly provided with a little control or communication from the service vendor. This is among numerous benefits provided by cloud computing technology that you can find from many sources. The number of users being going to adopt cloud is expected increase significantly in the upcoming future. If you are just a beginner in this case, the article below is going to clarify what cloud computing technology will offer you. In spite of the fact that cloud computing has developed for such a long time, there are only the three most prominent services which are Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service and Software as a Service.

1. Infrastructure as a Service

This type of cloud offering is a form of cloud computing which offers virtualized computing resources throughout the Internet connection. Within this model, a third party vendor will hold the responsibility for controlling everything from hardware, software  to storage and any other infrastructure component for its customers. What is more, they also have to manage their customers’ apps and deal with such responsibilities as maintaining backup plans for system and planning for recovery. Platforms of this type come with resources of high scalability which can be fixed according to demands, which makes it an ideal option for fluctuating and temporary workloads. Other features provided by IAAS environments can be listed as the automation of admin responsibilities, scaling, desktop virtualization as well as other services based on policies.

When it comes to techniques, the market for Infrastructure as a Service has a rather low barrier to join. On the contrary, it will ask users to make more financial investment into setting and supporting the cloud structure.

2. The network of Infrastructure as a Service

Currently, there are two main network services provided by public cloud vendors which are load balancing and domain name systems.

Regarding to load balancing, users will be offered only one point to have approach to a lot of different servers operating behind. A load balancer will be the network device whose responsibility is to distribute network traffic among various servers by taking advantage of certain load balancing algorithms. The other option is domain name system, which is a hierarchical one for both computers and other devices that are utilizing IP addresses to identify network.

3. Platform as a Service

The second offering of cloud is Platform as a Service, which is a cloud computing model dealing with various apps throughout the Internet connection. With a Platform as a Service model, a cloud vendor will be able to deliver both hardware and software in order to develop applications for their customers as a service. A vendor of this service needs to control the hardware and software on its own structure. Thus, users will not need to install any in – house hardware as well as software to set up or operate a new app.

Although this does not mean Platform as a Service will replace the whole structure of a company, it will depends on the vendors for major services like developing Java language or hosting apps. Nevertheless, a Platform as a Service provider should assist in all the computing and software behind so that all users need to do is just to sign in and begin making use of the platform via their Web browser interface. The payment they need to make depends on what they use every month.

Regarding to the features of Platform as a Service, we can list as scalability and automatic offerings of the underlying structure; safety and availability, setting up and deploying tools for faster managing process and so on.

4. Software as a Service

This is a software distribution offering by which app will be managed by a provider to be available to users throughout the network. In most cases, this is the Internet connection. Software as a Service has always been so popular due to its underlying technologies which support both web services and architecture oriented by services. In addition, this kind of service is rather linked to the application service provider as well as on demand computing software delivery models. The major advantages of Software as a Service can be listed as convenient management, automatic updates, same version of software for everyone and accessibility all over the world.

5. Storage as a Service

Storage as a Service is a business offering. With this provision, a big company will be able to rent space in their storage structure to a smaller-size organization. This is very economical that they will have the chance to offer storage with a reasonable cost than other companies who can offer their own storage. As a result, this is considered to be an ideal option for small-size companies in which there is still a lack of budget to apply and maintain their own storage structure.

6. Communications as a Service

Another good cloud offering in this list is Communications as a Service, which is an outsourced solution that can be rented from a single provider. The communications inside may comprise of voice over IP, which is also known as Internet telephony, instant messaging, collaboration as well as video conference apps by taking advantage of certain mobile devices. In this provision, the service vendors will take the whole responsibility when it comes to controlling all hardware and software.

7. Network as a Service

The last option to mention in this post is Network as a Service, which is a framework in which  many cloud computing provisions are integrated to offer secure approach to the network structure for customers. More precisely, Network as a Service is an innovative cloud computing model by which users are able to access extra computing resources with high flexibility. Everything can also be extended to meet the requirements of client, which adds more value to this offering.

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Cloud computing technology offerings