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Predictions on cloud security in 2021

22.10.2020 Saudi Poster

There is no doubt about the growth of cloud interest. When the market is expanded, IT experts from all over the world will make a big effort to limit the possibility of safety issues related to the technology. In 2019, there are various aspects that smaller – size businesses should take into consideration before signing contract with any IT companies for the cloud offerings.

1. A lot of people are worrying about cloud security, including those who are professional in IT

According to a report last year, there are many Chief Information Security Officers paying attention to the top security vulnerabilities related to IT. As a result, cloud computing and lack of management in cloud expansion were ranked as the top in the list. For another survey, it was found that 90 percent of cyber security experts are really worried about cloud security. In terms of cloud computing, the three most challenges for IT engineers are saving data from losing and leaking, protecting from data privacy threats as well as confidentiality breaches.

In this year, not only cyber security experts are worried about the security in the cloud environment, especially when it comes to confidentiality. For instance, last year, the American Bar Association revealed the findings that 63 percent of those making use of cloud services, confidentiality and safety are regarded as the most important concerns.

2. Cloud computing technology was adopted so quickly in the previous year and how it would make a shift in security for the year of 2021

Last year, there were a lot of companies starting to adopt cloud computing technology with a really fast pace. The motivation for companies to adopt cloud technology was its high efficiency, the ease and convenience of use and of course, the scalability. However, under the perspective of safety, the fast adoption of cloud computing is encouraging security experts to get to know the new difficulties, vulnerabilities related to cloud and they should come up with more suitable strategies to deal with cyber security. The post below is going to present some predictions on cloud security in the upcoming time.

3. The first prediction: adopting serverless technology will have a big impact on cloud security automation.

With the trend that many companies are now making a move to serverless structures, they are also finding out new use cases for automating cloud safety due to the fact that serverless offerings will come with an option to launch safety strategies in reaction to cloud events. For instance, as there are any spikes in cloud account billing expenses from the service abuse or cypto mining. Or there is a person starting to deploy new cloud services outside the common deployment line as well as other cases.

4. The second prediction: cloud vendors will play a more important role in safety

Due to the fact that the truly high increase of serverless adoption in the previous year, a lot of IT teams are opting for changing their conventional architectures to serverless ones or just skipping containers all together. The reason for this shift is that there has been an increasing number of system factors to be abstracted so that less control is required. The same case applies to cloud security. More precisely, serverless architectures are able to make app owners take responsibility of only security at the app layer. Therefore, much of their responsibility for safety has now been transferred to the cloud vendor. The responsibilities may be listed as network safety, virtual machine or contain security.

5. The third prediction: we can expect to see more cloud guidelines and research

In the previous year, a lot of analysts in various industries carried out research on cloud – native technologies. In this year, it is also expected that those analysts should concentrate much on the security strategies for this technology as well as for serverless one because of the fact that many companies are keeping on modernizing their applications and looking for support before making any decisions in choosing the right safety strategy.

6. The fourth prediction: there would be a decline in demand for safety assistance in various clouds

Within the last two years, people focused much on the cloud vendor lock – in. thus, cloud security providers needed to reply to the questions in terms of their offerings for different cloud deployments. At the end of last year, there were several leaders in cloud computing industry announcing the truth that the cloud vendor lock – in is in even uncertainty. They considered that it would be better to get a competitive environment with various vendors that users can change between. More than that, people are looking forward to seeing less attention about this topic and cloud security providers will come with less requirements for assisting cloud deployments.

7. The fifth prediction: security will change much in this year

As you may have known, there is a growing number of system components which have turned out to be the responsibility of cloud vendors. As a result, app owners will take only a little responsibility to deal with the infrastructure, the operating system as well as the safety of the network. This change for security responsibility leads to the maximization of serverless technology in which only the application layer is under the responsibility of app owners. On the contrary, we would expect that development teams will get involved more for security and safety of the system.

8. The final prediction

Last year, the conventional security providers began to make more efforts in terms of modernizing their safety provisions in order to meet the requirements of the cloud – native environments. Some examples you can see were Palo Alto Networks which already bought the Red Lock as well as Check Point that acquired Dome9. The trend may keep on in this year due to the fact that more and more cloud providers widely recognize that cloud computing is not the space for only startup companies as it is installed effectively by larger companies.

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Predictions on cloud security in 2021