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The best solutions and vendors for cloud security in 2021

08.11.2020 Saudi Poster

Due to the trend that a lot of entrepreneurs and organizations start to implement cloud technology in order to secure their sensitive data, there is an increasing concern about the safety and security of data.

In spite of the fact that there are many different trends like cloud technology, mobility or virtualization, which are allowing ventures to expand the level of flexibility very quickly, such advanced persistent threats as Hydraq and Stuxnet are also coming with many challenges when it comes to information protection.

It is vital for companies to pay more attention to data breaches as well as prevent attacks entering their systems as there are a lot of security issues turning up on a daily basis. In order to help you identify which cloud security solutions you are in need, the article below is presenting an overview with different choices for you to consult.

1. About cloud security strategies

Cloud security methods are taken advantage to secure data, networks as well as approach through maintaining the safety of connections made via Software as a Service provisions and customers.

Organizations will take advantage of tools to protect the information delivered or stored in their cloud apps. These tools will provide them with safe points to access such as sandboxes or different gateways, which only allow accepted users to operate cloud apps within a secure space.

What is more, administrators have the right to set permissions for users as well as take control over everyone who has access to utilize the apps. More advanced cloud security methods will also come with data loss avoidance as well as encryption ability to secure more data and documents saved in cloud apps.

2. The reasons why you should choose cloud security solutions

Regardless of your company size, if you utilize the Internet connection for your operation, your company is vulnerable to cyber security problems.

For this reason, you should be highly alert to maintain the security of your network from hackers. There have been a lot of effective methods to make sure the security of cloud data but adopting cloud security solutions seems to be the most easily accessible.

With cloud security solutions, you can advance the ability to control and manage the attacks, which you can not do with non – cloud security ones. Moreover, these solutions also offer live tracking at all times and website security via technological assistance and encryption. Here are some cloud security solutions that you can take a look.

3. Cipher Cloud

Cipher cloud is the name of a cloud security solution company founded nine years ago. This organization provides their customers with three different models: Platform as a Service, Software as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service. Cipher Cloud is a single platform that you can take advantage to secure the most sensitive details of your clients throughout various private and public apps. What is more, the service is also designed with such abilities as data loss prevention, cloud encryption and many more.

4. Qualys

Qualys is another ideal option for you, which was established in 1999. The solution provides security solutions to your gadgets and other services. More precisely, if you take advantage of this solution, you can secure your web applications as well as devices when you receive support via its exclusive solutions for only cloud environments and especially, you do not need to make any investment into software or hardware. Last but not least, Qualys will provide you with both reliability and security throughout your private and public clouds together with the ability to monitor and manage your data in a very effective way.

5. Sophos

Sophos is a famous company, which was founded in 1985 and has been well – known for its such valuable cloud options as firewall, encryption, mobile security and so on. What is more, its Sophos Central provides customers with runtime security to avoid attacks like ransomware and to prevent outside DLLs to java apps, plugins and so on. Last but not least, the service also offers security solutions for email, website, mobile, web servers among other platforms.

6. Proofpoint

This is another cloud security solution vendor that will provide you with protection for a lot of different cyber security challenges. The services offered by Proofpoint are all personalized to adapt to the needs regardless of how big or small your companies are.

In terms of security solutions, it may be true to say that the weakest point lies with email. In this case, Proofpoint will deal with email security control so that clients can make sure their systems are prevented from numerous risks.

In addition to guaranteeing the risk prevention, Proofpoint is even able to secure outgoing documents. Finally, it makes sure that it will not comprise any keys for information decryption while saving data from being attacked.

When it comes to features, Proofpoint comes with protection for emails and Software as a Services against attacks from email attachments and security solutions for sensitive data as well.

7. Site Lock

The final choice for you to consult is Site Lock, which was established eleven years ago and has been securing over 21 million websites all over the globe. At the first glance, Site Lock is a security company based on cloud, whose major aim is to secure sites from being attacked as well as other cyber security risks.

To conclude, it is undeniable that there are various cloud security solutions. Thus, each of them will come with a different price and features. When you are taking cloud security solutions into consideration, you had better know clearly what your requirements are so that you can go for the right solutions that can deal with your needs.

Nevertheless, you should be sure that the solution you go for provides enough support and monitoring abilities for your organization.

Last but not least, in case you are just a small business and you do not want to make a really big investment into cloud security solution, it is highly recommended to make a try with a cloud hosting program first.

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The best solutions and vendors for cloud security in 2021