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The top cloud computing service vendors in 2021

22.09.2020 Saudi Poster

In the past, people used to take advantage of hard drive on their computers to save their documents and data. Later, cloud computing services were born as a replacement for such hard drives. Cloud computing services are about storing, networking, datasets, servers and so on. Everything is done via Internet connection.

Today, there are a lot of companies providing computing services and they are called cloud computing providers. They charge their users for using the services and the fee is calculated depending on the usage of services. Every day, people are utilizing cloud services even when they do not realize. Watching films or listening music with the Internet connection is some of the cloud utilities. Thanks to cloud technology, people can both design and set up new apps, save and recover documents and so on.

When it comes to cloud services, there are three major kinds. First of all, Infrastructure of a Service is one offering such infrastructure as servers, operating systems, virtual machines and so on with a rental base. Secondly, it is the Platform as a Service taken advantage to develop, check and track the software. This kind of service is rather like Infrastructure as a Service with some extra tools such as BI services. The last one is Software as a Service, which allows for connecting to various app on the Internet under the subscription base. This article is going to present some of the top cloud computing service providers in 2019.

1. Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services are considered to be the most reputable ones. It is the most secure platform of cloud service that will provide users with a lot of infrastructure offerings such as data base, computing power and so on. Thanks to Amazon Web Services, users are able to host the static websites easily as well as set up even intricate apps with the high level of scalability, flexibility and trust. Amazon Web Services are also designed with free trials for users to experience.

2. Kamatera

First and foremost, Kamatera’s offerings are cloud infrastructures services that turn up with low maintenance while high performance. Moreover, you are only charged for what you actually use. For instance, if you add one gigabyte of RAM to your server, you only need to pay for this amount and there is no need for using anything more. Last but not least, you are also provided with a chance to enjoy the trial for one month without any fee.

3. Phoenix NAP

The major characteristics of this service can be listed as following. Firstly, this is an international IT service vendor that only comes with safe and scalable Infrastructure as a Service offerings such as private cloud service as well as public and managed ones. Everything offered by Phoenix NAP all takes advantage of both cutting – edge hardware and software technologies to meet the increasing demands of companies.  Apart from the high performance of cloud platform, this vendor also designs backup plans, disaster recovery as well as availability methods. With the vendor, users are able to achieve their goals quickly without having to pay too much money.

4. Microsoft Azure

This innovative service is mainly designed for deploying, designing as well as controlling the app via the global network. The previous version of Microsoft Azure was called Windows Azure. Thanks to Microsoft Azure, users can make use of many offerings such as operating systems, data bases, programming languages and so on. If you are consider whether or not choose this service, you can test it through a free trial lasting for one month.

5. Google Cloud Platform

This provider takes advantage of such resources as computers, virtual machines, and so on, which are all located on Google data centers. With Google Cloud Platform, users will be really happy to pay for what they utilize so that the fee is flexible accordingly. Like Microsoft Azure, you also receive a free trial lasting one month.

6. Adobe

Currently, Adobe is among the vendors providing users with a lot of cloud products. They can be listed as Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Experience Cloud, Adobe Document Cloud and so on. Its major service is Software as a Service by which users are able to have approach to various Adobe tools such as fixing the videos, photography or designing graphics and so on. To sum up, this is an ideal option for those looking for a solution to their digital documentation.

7. IBM Cloud computing services

IBM Cloud includes numerous services such Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service and Software as a Service via a lot of delivery models. Thanks to IBM Cloud, users are given a chance to choose their most wanted tools, data models as well as delivery ones in making their own apps.

8. Rackspace Cloud

Rackspace Cloud provides a lot of cloud computing services such as hosting web apps, cloud files, cloud block storage, cloud backup and so on for users to opt for. This service makes use of a set of solid drives and hard ones to offer a high level of performance. Also, the service has a really reasonable price by utilizing both compression and encryption technologies. Last but not least, customers will be charged according to their usage when they choose to go ahead with Rackspace Cloud.

9. Red Hat cloud

Thanks to Red Hat cloud, users are now able to modernize their apps with updates and higher management from only single place. Also, they are also provided with a chance to integrated all their wanted parts into only one solution. The cost is rather affordable while we can set up and control an open cum private cloud.

10. Salesforce cloud computing

Finally, another ideal option in this article is Salesforce Cloud Computing, which provides all the necessary apps that companies may be in need of such as mobile apps, marketing and customer service and so on. With this cloud computing service, you can control your customers’ contact details as well as make every business process automatic.

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The top cloud computing service vendors in 2021