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What IT leaders must know about cloud technology in 2021

12.10.2020 Saudi Poster

Today, it is considered that all companies depending on cloud to operate. From a studies of Garnet, 80 percent of companies are going to closing their conventional data centers by the year of 2025. They are making a big investment into cloud, which is regarded as the most develop technology now. In 2018, it is calculated that there are over 50 billion dollars spend on cloud IT environment. In the future, the cloud will keep on dominating the technology industry by its integration into companies. This article is going to present some detailed trends of cloud technology that every IT engineer as well as business leader should pay attention to in this year.

1. The development of quantum computing

When it comes to efficiency, quantum computers are considered as the modern major standard. These computers are able to deliver the most necessary IT abilities such weather forecast, encrypting data seamlessly, solving medical issues and many others related to artificial intelligence. Being able to adopt quantum computing is what IT industry has always looked for. In this year, we can witness more progresses in quantum computer implementation.

2. More public clouds due to higher demands on business leaders

Many company managers are now recognizing the value of cloud solutions so that they are making efforts to modernize the processes of transforming digitally. In terms of public clouds, they are both facilitating digital movement and now being the major platform for both new and current IT apps.

With the support from public clouds, companies are now capable of make the digital transformation process faster via quick approach to such developing technologies as Big Data analytics, app development platforms and especially the Internet of Things.

The adoption of a public cloud base will allow a company to save much of their expenses. What is more, a public cloud will help them avoid any issues relating to reliability, availability, safety as well as disaster recovery. Moreover, valuable solutions will support you to advance the personal areas on your own.

3. GDPR issues

It is undeniable that making progress will come with an exchange and when it comes to cloud, IT teams of companies need to face with security problems. The General Data Protection Regulation implementation has made companies follow the trend too quickly even when they do not take possible safety issues into consideration. In this year, companies will find it more difficult to see if data manage is suitable for GDPR requirements or not. Due to digital transformation trend, there will be more and more companies moving to the cloud in this year. As a result, more threats related to  cyber security will increase. To sum up, GDPR has an influence on cloud compliance and changes it into a harder task. There are not many IT companies know clearly the way by which GDPR influences on cloud services so that it is much easier for them to face with safety problems.

4. Cloud service vendors will be interested in IT companies

In 2021, those are responsible for making decisions in IT companies may not ignore the public cloud. The reason is that the value of cloud solutions is now being highly recognized than in the past. In fact, entrepreneurs are now looking for cloud vendors with a high reliability to help them achieve the cloud demands for their companies as well as safety, performance and efficiency.

Moreover, the cloud providers also have the ability to assist businesses in other requirements such as operating containerized workloads and virtual machines at a same time. Thus, development process will be increased more and developers are now able to link the virtual apps to the cloud ones.

5. The effects of Kubernetes

As you may have known, displaying orchestration offerings from such big names as Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services and Azure may have influences on different segments because all of them are operating Kubernetes. On the contrary, under the perspective of cloud market, Kubernetes rules are more important in terms of container orchestration.

6. Develop the spending on cloud for companies

Companies have made a big investment into cloud solutions. And there is still no signal of stopping at any time. For instance, the enterprise IDC has spent more in the second half of the last year. In 2018, the expenses spent on cloud infrastructure were increased by 21 percent and in this year the number is also predicted to rise.

7 The development of cloud services

In the upcoming time, all solutions from Platform as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service and Software as a Service will continue to develop. The major reason for this demand is the convenience of use cases provided by cloud technology. By 2021,  we can witness that cloud infrastructure will become the most basic web server location for both international and domestic companies. Moreover, there are also risks generated from making tools which are able to operate platforms in the cloud, according to some open source developers. As a result, we are going to see more and more projects as well as applications such as Dokku and Docker.

It is estimated that Platform as a Service may increase from only 32 percent in 2016 to over a half percent in this year.

This case is also true for Infrastructure as a Service, which is going to reach about 72 billion dollars within the next two years. Last but not least, Software as a Service is also not an exception. It is undeniable that cloud services will not stop improving and become the quickest developing platforms all over the world.

8. An emphasis on the future

In the future, company managers will need to get over very difficult obstacles that what they might face with in the past. This is what they need to adapt to the changes of IT environment.

In conclusion, the cloud trends turned up in this article are the major aspects that everyone needs to focus in 2021.

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What IT leaders must know about cloud technology in 2021