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What to get from cloud in 2021

22.09.2020 Saudi Poster

As you may not know, cloud services are the keys that can revolutionize your whole entrepreneur. Everything from hosting your business systems to customizing the apps may help your companies avoid data loss and any other unexpected.

Today, a lot of IT managers have highly appreciated the advantages of storage based on cloud as well as its backup plans and disaster recovery methods. Therefore, there may be a trend of adopting cloud.

According to Gartner’s predictions, this trend will keep on evolving and developing via 2020. More precisely, they said that in 2020, we may only see cloud and cloud – only policies everywhere. The reasons leading to this prediction are about more reasonable costs, higher collaboration as well as more flexibility. This article is going to present some of the most prominent benefits brought by cloud as following:

1. The chance to discover different levels of flexibility

Flexibility is considered to be the most highlighted point when it comes to cloud solutions. Whether the case may be storage space and bandwidth flexibility, there is a need for your company to evaluate how much progress you can make to meet the requirements of cloud offerings.

Among many advantages offered by cloud computing services, the first one may be high flexibility for both in – house and remote staff. In other words, documents stored in the public cloud will help your staff be able to work together more effectively no matter what platform they use.

What is more, any device enabled by web has the ability to have approach to cloud tools, which is the dream of many mobile workers. They are capable of working and collaborating at any time without any limitations.

Another benefit from cloud adoption is the flexibility of server loads. Users can opt to turn up the capacity as soon as there is a need of heavier traffic to their sites and when they complete, they can turn it back conveniently. To sum up, without having to spend much money, your company is definitely able to meet the customer requirements thanks to cloud adoption.

2. Your resources are available at any time with a cloud base.

Moving to the next issue, cloud service vendors are really reliable for you to believe that they can help maintain almost maximum uptime. In other words, your data and apps will be available to you whenever you need and no matter where you are. Even when a server in which your data is saved suddenly goes down, there will be another server turning on to recover the loss.

Thanks to such availability abilities, users do not need to worry much about many different demands that change regularly. This can not easily be done by a conventional structure, which is another reason that may motivate you to turn into the cloud.

3. Reducing your operating expenses to the least

Due to the reason that there is not too much need for buying and maintaining the system, adopting cloud may save much of your expenses. More precisely, you do not have to make any investment in hardware, facilities or any data center to develop your company. In addition, you do not have to hire so many IT employees to deal with your cloud data center as the responsibility is delivered to the staff from your cloud vendor. However, you may also want to spend more to have a 24h assistance if you need when it comes to down time.

Other advantages if you make use of cloud data security comprise of no requirement for on – site servers, fewer IT staff, less maintenance needs, less downtime as well as operation failures.

Last but not least, you only have to pay for what you need, which can save much of your expenses. For small entrepreneurs, this is an important value which has always encouraged them to adopt cloud annually.

4. Keeping everything agile when securing your data center

There are two major types of advantages in terms of agility of cloud adoption. According to your requirements, you are able to achieve the agility on a level of resources or a level of staff.

To be more specific, agility is linked to the fast changes of computing resources. It is the matter of a few minutes to set up instances of storage, which may take several months for an IT team to carry out. Thanks to cloud, this time is shortened in order to set up a more effective work environment.

Moreover, the cloud generates high agility in engineering resource and also in business opportunities capturing. Even though the cloud comes with an area with resource availability, it is really vital for your companies to react to those opportunities. To come to conclusion, there is a high demand on supporting the change in order to streamline business process as well as make sure that the cloud is adopted efficiently.

5. Guarantee there are always backup plans and solutions for your data

Having your laptop stolen is not as serious as having your data robbed. In such cases, cloud computing is able to provide you with more security. As your data is located inside the cloud, you will be able to have approach to it regardless of any problem that may occur to your system.  There are lots of data protection cloud solutions for you to choose such as private, hybrid and public.

First and foremost, you must secure your public cloud when you are in need of developing and checking the app code as well as having to collaborate with other employees on a project and so on.

On the contrary, private clouds will provide you with the total control over the safety of your system while asking for more maintenance support. If  you need to work with much sensitive data, it is more ideal for you to go ahead with private clouds.

Last but not least, a hybrid cloud is the combination of both worlds that enables your company to choose what is the most suitable due to its high flexibility.

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What to get from cloud in 2021